Wedding dresses at Thaitopwedding 2011 Thailand

Yes, It’s not easy for me to write and describe about our wedding dress products in your language. I do expect that the pictures may not be good enough using shop mobile phone. Yes the brand new and high tech camera today is very cheap but we happy to do so to make sure that customers always  get surprise once they see our studio with their eyes when visiting us in Thailand.
Wedding dresses at Thaitopwedding 2011 Thailand
You may wonder that this Thailand wedding dresses manufacturer is suitable to take responsibility for your very importance dream dresses during your ceremony right? Using this post may not well define our design innovation too but we do believe in our on time service and well dress manufacturing processes  make you happy eventually.

Why not taking a look on some of our January 2011 wedding dresses collection that waiting for you and our Thai brides above. Please don’t hesitate to make an appointment using the below comment before planning to visit our showroom. The best and smart method is calling a Thai taxi driver and give them the map to showroom. Or showroom name Leela Rose Moda and we have only one showroom in Thailand. Please make sure that you come to the right shop.

Our old wedding dresses which out of stock.

Below are some old pictures of our 2007 wedding dresses design, we do believe that due to these 4 years wedding dresses pictures which help us to be well known in this business and we always have a nice memory with all of these old dream weedding dresses.

A-Line off-white stunning wedding dress with organza applique.A-Line off-white stunning wedding dress with organza applique.
style : LSR01 full-length strapless organza over silk satin.
Sweethert neckline wedding dress.Sweethert neckline wedding dress.
style : LSR02 lace over satin strapless dress with corset.
A timeless wedding dress.Wedding dress for you and your imagination
style TL06_1 satin dress with beaded applique at chest and hem, top of the line gown.
Iridescent one-piece wedding dress.Wedding gown for your destination wedding in Thailand.
style : TL017_1 one shoulder strap, strapless with a fitted bodice covered with embroidered and beading.
Charming sweep train wedding dress.Charming sweep train wedding dress.
style : TL06_2 This beautiful gown is all about stunning beadwork.
Thaitopwedding 2 in 1 wedding dress.Thaitopwedding 2 in 1 wedding dress.
style : TL07 a strapless, a-line satin dress, no train.
Our wedding dress design.Our wedding dress design.
style : TL017_2 Scattered handmade flowers add a marvelous 3-D effect to this hemline.
Top embroidery wedding dress with pink flowers.Top embroidery wedding dress with pink flowers.
style : TL002_1 one-piece strapless, a line with brush train.
wedding dress stunning 2 in 1Lucky number wedding dress with removable shoulder straps ( 2 in 1 ).
style : LS26_1 strapless neckline, a-line silhouette, floor length.


Thank you.


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  1. eh,I want to know the address of this shop…I love most of your dresses

  2. This boutique does a fine job of promoting elegant wedding gowns. It’s little wonder why lots of brides prefer to get their gowns from this place.

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