Thai traditional wedding dresses

It had been a long time that Thai women always wear Thai traditional wedding dress ( ชุดไทย or ชุดไทยประยุกต์ Thai modern style dresses ) during her wedding in Thailand. Fashion and imagination has no boundary  and play a big role in Thai traditional wedding dresses design style time to time. Some of our best in class in this design area should be establish without any below pictures which you may found in our daily web traffic which you can prove on

Why keep waiting and hesitate to try some at my Leela Rose Moda wedding dresses showroom, it free if you like before give us your prefer dream dress in mind.

Thai traditional wedding dresses

These new Thai wedding dresses collection from may be your choices for your coming ceremony, please look .

More dresses will be put in soon , let me take a nap sometime please my friends. Writing English language using 2-3 dictionaries around is exhausted, if  you don’t mind for Thai language with fresh dress pictures, I do have some more for suggestion which belong to my design team too at


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  1. hi,
    i am interested to make a thai traditional wedding dress. can i know how much it?

  2. Hi, I;m looking for a thai traditional cream dress for my engagement party. How much do you charge for the outfit including the belt. Do you also do men traditional outfit too?

  3. K. Yina Heng, we have men and women attire made to order. To get the quotation for cost. Send me your dream dresses and man suits that you like to

    We ship by UPS and charge you on paypal for save and minimum exchange rate.


  4. Hello
    If i send you a picture of my wedding dress and
    Also for my husband, could you tell if it s possible
    To make? And how much it cost?

    Thank you
    Best regards

    Charlene Rivera

  5. Send those pictures to me please.
    I try my best.

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