Thai Phra Ratcha Niyom or Thai National Costume in Thailand

In any case of communication especially to reply the customers on Thai wedding dresses about fashion style with text. Using not proper words with a little difference meaning bring you to absolutely different meaning of fashion style. I have a short example during your daily search when you have a hard time to discover your real dream Thai wedding dress that you prefer clothing. I do expected I should had finished the Thai National Costume preliminary explanation long time ago perfectly but I did not, by the way it not easy to explain without many well prepare pictures which it should be ready soon.

Thai Phra Ratcha Niyom or Thai National Costume in Thailand

Thai Women National Costume Short History

I do not over express to say that it is amazing costume. Proud to say that in 1960 while the whole world move to a new fashion. Some style like New look  and some for Mod style include others, in Thailand we also found some of those too. During the same time in Bangkok the year for Thai fashion history to record. New 8 modern styles of Formal Thai National Costume is born by Queen Sirikit . Our Queen give the name of this costume collection ” Thai Phra Ratcha Niyom “. Each dresses in the collection also has the name from the royal palace and throne which reflect how each of them suitable for. This Thai Phra Ratcha Niyom Costume is the official dress when we define to Thai Women National Costume.

Those official uniform which had specification and well written document for how to make and which occasion you should wear. Some are conservative and considered official but some are  casual. A hard work in research of historical royal dresses. The elegant and contemporary costume style with timeless reflect on top of every piece of each dresses with full prove today.

While other fashion style come and gone but this dress style never and ever disappear from any front page in Thai famous magazines. The felling and touch of high class fashion from royal that you can wear. A precious gift from Thai mother that we can wear in public legally and look stunning expressed you are from Thailand, deliver the same dress style that our Thai Queen and High Royal family always use officially.
Thai Phra Ratcha Niyom or Thai National Costume in Thailand

Thai Phra Ratcha Niyom Costume collection

  1. Thai Ruean Ton ( ชุดไทยเรือนต้น )
  2. Thai Chitlada ( ชุดไทยจิตรลดา )
  3. Thai Amarin ( ชุดไทยอมรินทร์ )
  4. Thai Boromphiman ( ชุดไทยบรมพิมาน )
  5. Thai Chakkri ( ชุดไทยจักรี )
  6. Thai Chakkraphat ( ชุดไทยจักรพรรดิ์ )
  7. Thai Dusit ( ชุดไทยดุสิต )
  8. Thai Siwalai ( ชุดไทยศิวาลัย )

There are 2 importance women who work closed to the Queen Sirikit so we have these precious master piece fashion design of Thailand in final which you can touch.

  • M.L. Maniratana Snidvongs Bunnag ( ม.ล. มณีรัตน์ สนิทวงศ์ บุนนาค )
  • Krun Urai Leeaumrung ( คุณอุไร ลืออำรุง )

Thai Phra Ratcha Niyom or Thai National Costume in Thailand
Unfortunately using Thai Phra Ratcha Niyom Costume have no law like any country which should be alternative dresses for Thai women. But we discover in daily news that most of the high social family once they have an importance occasion especially in wedding ceremony. The well know boutique for Thai Phra Ratcha Niyom Costume always be the 1st top picked for every Thai women. Yes, we use the standard wedding dress the white wedding gown like Europe too. I mean we use 2 or 3 dresses for a woman to go for wedding ceremony. I can’t explain in real business value in summary of related number to this simple but elegant dresses style that Thai dress makers used for their job and act like a clothing specialist.

Thai Phra Ratcha Niyom or Thai National Costume in Thailand

No seasonal, no change but why more sexy and luxury. I remember and know the whole silhouette well. It is still the same although these dresses are more than 50 years old. The cost of each dresses are vary from normal to very high depend on how famous of each dress maker. The same fashion pricing methodology like other ready-to-wear ( RTW ) dresses.


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