Size measurement for Thai Traditional wedding dress, how to?

After you make decision to order a new cut Thai Traditional wedding dress from any web site. It is very importance that you provide an appropriate size measurement to that Thai dress maker boutique. By the way, the requirement on type of fabrics and color tone that you look for have to be check for availability first. In most of the case the high value Thai silk not all of the boutique can stock.

Keep in mind those unique and real handmade silk is fix width and height. It’s always produce for one piece to do one or two Thai costume dress. By the way, most of common pattern silk skirt for average price is easy to find in the market to make a new cut Thai traditional wedding dresses too. Please look into this choice first. Some of them look like the real one but difference touch. It also beautiful and easy for dress maker to process the order faster.

Size measurement for Thai Traditional wedding dress, how to?
Some of Thai silk which hard to find take time to produce again, the old style but very classic manufacturing process by hand may take one or many months to produce enough for a Thai dress. Please consider again and again if you prefer those kind of fabric once you order from your country.

It best but you have to well plan on this too. I do agree that Thailand silk is very beautiful and I do love it. Any way once you finalize the dress style and fabric please follows carefully step by step on the necessary dimension for most of the Thai wedding dress requirement below.
Size measurement for Thai Traditional wedding dress, how to?
We do suggest you send some of your current photos include provide this clip link to the boutique with the measurement number too. This should process at the same time so the dress maker understand each number clear on how you did it. I hope you know how to do size measurement for the Thai traditional dress from Thailand now. It’s easy right.

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  1. Hi can you help me, I would like a top made with the scarf that hangs over the shoulder in lace. If you can let me know price and how soon I can order as I will need this by April 26th. I wanted to get the bottom piece but I am looking for something just a little above my knees. As for the color I would like Fusha and gold, or royal blue and Silver or gold is ok.

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