New Q-seri Dresses on August of 2008.

In this Q-Seri dresses we have more bridesmaid dresses comparing to others. It’s true from many e-mail and phone call complaining to our designers and requested for this type of dresses. These dresses are well designed and most of them are in light white and cream color. They are very romantic dresses for variety occasions.

These bridesmaid dresses and wedding dresses are posted by Miss Dorlen, our young and famous Thai model during this moment in Bangkok. Her romantic posture with these dresses make the dresses more interesting. Please take your time and see detail of the dresses by clicking on each picture. By the way, full detail in English have not yet completed. I have only Thai version of these bridesmaid dresses so far, if you know Thai language please feel free to look into them. It’s challenged if you plan to get some from this new Serie.

The slides show may not giving you full resolution and we are on modifying web script, sorry .

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