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Dream of a Fashion Designer.

Any children yearn since childhood that some day when they grow up they can be a fashion designer. Especially those who love dressing and confident that they are able to influence the society by their designs. To be a successful fashion designer is great and benefit to society especially those designers who have high ethic. A good designer has to balance the professional with initiative.

Our normal process of finding dresses is copying from favorite superstars on TV or magazines, looking for some hot fashion trend. Then finding from shop. Mostly depends on the reputation of the brand, model, superstar or especially the designer. The fashion designer is very tough to initiate and create from air to be a dress. But people seldom recognized.
fashion designer
The fashion designer do not work only in the dress factory but also have to know about fabric, cutting, patterning and sewing. The designer has to also imagine and create a rough idea, (more…)

Ideas to have your interesting wedding?

Ideas to have your interesting wedding?

Most of brides and bridegrooms spend their time selecting a nice wedding theme for themselves which reflect their lifestyle, some of them get advices from professional wedding organizers to arrange their party to be the most perfect for their life. I absolutely agree that the party is the most [ Read more]...

New Q-seri Dresses on August of 2008.


In this Q-Seri dresses we have more bridesmaid dresses comparing to others. It's true from many e-mail and phone call complaining to our designers and requested for this type of dresses. These dresses are well designed and most of them are in light white and cream color. They are very romantic [ Read more]...

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