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First of all I have to say thank you to you all that look into our Thai traditional dress design for sometime. It’s difficult to have chance to show our dream dresses to you too. We had been dress maker for more than 30 years and did many dresses so far.  Below are some of our Thai fashion products that we do have the pictures. They are all locate at Leela Rose Moda boutique in Bangkok. We will put some more soon once we have free time, we promise. If you like them just leave a message in the web comment. Your input are welcome.

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Sorry that I put only a few Thai traditional dresses here, it take time for Thailand dress maker like me to write in English but I believe result explain themselves well.

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Thailand wedding dresses clothing 2012 for bride to be. Thai traditional wedding dresses

Well I know, during you put more focus to pick the right wedding dress for your self, it is a bit difficulty. You may use these pictures links and explore more confusion dress styles too. It’s impossible for some bride to be in term of location to look into the real dresses up front in the boutique. Try the real dress before buy always be the best choice for any type of dresses. Do it as 1st choice if possible.

But if today you can not follow the foot steps as I suggest. Please be more realistic and believe in experience designer before you jump in. I believe every fashion designer in Thailand, they all prefer to deliver the best dresses to you. Friendship is their value, not price and tax.


Thailand wedding dresses clothing 2012 for bride to be. Thai traditional wedding dresses

Believe or not, today fashion is not just fashion , clothing and imagination dresses in summary, we have a difficulty to just provide some of our pass success pictures to any woman due to lack of knowledge on web and language skill. If you have just understand some of hard work that show by our wedding dresses pictures. We believe we success on web site activity.

Thank you again that look into our products. See us if possible in Bangkok with appointment please.

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