Surprise first dance to your bride and bridegroom.

The wedding day is really long if you are a brides or grooms, you have to wake-up early to get dressed and follow your time table. Although every steps of your wedding has been well plan by a professional wedding organizer, keep in mind any accident can happen to you too. Life is easy and you always can have it done by yourself in the pass, don’t panic.

Watch to see a suprprise first dance.

Watch to see a surprise first dance.

This post is my favorite one of the month, I search far and wide to find the innovative couple that got weddings today. The end result is below. You can adapt it for your wedding if necessary.

You may say that the clip above is a dance that those couple prepare to show which I agree. By the way this’s a good idea to entertain and make your wedding ceremony more relax and everyone will keep a nice memory for your wedding, won’t them?

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