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This page may be your last minute enjoy with our Thailand wedding dresses at web site. I did not want to have one in my mind. I had to send a couple of handwriting map to many girls and it seem to be problematic to the Leela Rose store location in Thailand.
Thailand designer traditional wedding dresses
Our Showroom Location in Thailand

Provide below Google map direction or Thai language map to your taxi driver.



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เช่าชุดเจ้าสาว เช่าชุดไทย แผนที่ร้าน Leeala Rose ถนนอรุณอมรินทร์

   Remember that  you always make an official appointment with our fashion stylist before your visit. You may provide your prefer dress style, send to my e-mail Send me some pictures that you want to know estimate price if worry. By the way bride always change the dresses style and material once she wear the real dress. This happen most of the time once try on many difference neckline and dress silhouette.  Most of the bride try 3 to 4 dresses and compare the real not pictures. The show room phone number is 662-882-3843. If you speak Thai or come with trust Thai friend, appointment is not require. I may not in the boutique if you do so. We try to help the most. Please make appointment first for your perfect wedding dresses.

It seem we under estimate your passion and feeling too. We did happy watching at Thai wedding dress boutique and keeping the information on which wedding dresses style and designer dresses that you always look into. In the end we found, all most all of the brides in Thailand and others have totally difference sentiment. It’s interesting to us.
Our Showroom Location in Thailand
We also do found that all those traditional dresses in our showroom today may not suitable your romantic imagination but we strongly believe, if you trust your heart and your eyes just carefully give us a clear instructions and time for your dream wedding dresses.

Thai wedding dressesๆ

All of those fantastic ideal Thai wedding dresses will be created with well known embellishment to become the number one wedding dress in your mind soon by our Thaitopwedding designers’ team.

Our Showroom Location in Thailand

Have a nice trip to Thailand  and visit Leela Rose Moda Boutique by Thaitopwedding, by the way if you do like to look into more pass experience dresses design by us why not just look into my Thai Blog of Thai Dress here. If you want more relax life, not too much challenge and surprise experience take the best choice with full proved professional tailor-made dress only.


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