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This blog was created on August 2008 and really new due to we found there are no open communication channel between users an us except mail and phone call. We usually found we are busy sometime and those channels are not suitable for today business.

We believe we are ready to get feedback after 3 years launch of Thaitopwedding main website and our visitors traffic is a lots in wedding dresses selection season. This page may not well describe for our performance on dresses design because we are speak only Thai but you can check for how well we popular on Alexa range in term of popular website. If you want to take a look on the actual products please contact the official stores, our fashion stylists here are not perfect on English conversation but they should help you for some. Please finish your design on style by writing email first if you are serious. Appoint is require to visit us, so we can provide best advise from appropriate person.

Please email ( thaitopwedding@gmail.com ) to ask me questions and set appointment.

If you want to know more about us you may visit more in Thai language web pages. I know many posts had wrong English grammar and incorrect vocabulary, please apology and give me some chance to improve this writing skill. At thaitopwedding we always believe skill always came from hard practice and the Newton raw below.

“No changed, no moved.”

Thank you very much that come to this page. Have a nice day for you all and please come back to visit us again. You are always welcome here.


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